Information Services

Flavours from the Aleppo Cuisine

“Flavours from the Aleppo Cuisine” is a service that provides you with all the delicious Aleppo recipes.

Classico Service

Sports service includes 4 lists.

A to Z Service

Varied information you daily receive upon activating A to Z service.

Names Meanings

Names Meaning service gives you the chance to know the meaning of your name or the names of your loved ones.

Daily Horoscopes with Ghalia Bakfalawi

Daily horoscopes with the Astronomer Ghalia Bakfalawi for all Syriatel customers.

App to Date

Info about the latest and most essential apps whether they are Syrian, Arabian or international apps with App to Date service.

Around the World Service

Do you have a passion for the world civilizations and cultures and everything related to it?


Keep in touch with technology world through WhatsIn service.

Scientific Guide

Enrich your knowledge with ‘Do you know?’ service, which provides you with a wide range of information about the human body, nature and universe around us.

Etiquette Service

With “Etiquette” service, you’ll get a daily content which provides you with tips to help you acting perfectly in your life.