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Since we believe in the central role the youth plays in rebuilding the country, we celebrated, on 26/07/2017 in Jableh, the graduation of 24 young men and women from “Training and Skills Development” initiative as a part of our program “Martyrs’ Families are Our Responsibility”.

The graduates are now educated in the basic computer skills important for entering the job market thanks to the productive collaboration between the graduates and Syriatel team of social responsibility that resulted in this great success. The “Training and Skills Development” initiative has included 668 young men and women since it was first launched.

It’s worth mentioning that this initiative provides young people with a solid foundation, raises their level of experience, and increases their chances of being accepted into the jobs they aspire to, and Syriatel continues with such initiatives since it has faith in the youth as a smart investment which participates in building our country effectively.

Martyrs’ Families are Our Responsibility
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