The result of creativity is innovation

In a world that evolves every moment, we must keep up with this development, and our responsibility becomes greater day by day because Syriatel is a telecom company so it is connected to everything new in the world of technology.

The second responsibility of Syriatel is to support young people and provide them with all the means to be active in a country that it is said to be from the developing countries, but it proves day by day that the creativity of its youth is limitless and their intellectual abilities are capable of making us from the countries that keep pace with development and modernity, so starting from our responsibility, we were the strategic partner in “Al Bassel exhibition for Creativity and Invention" that was held on the ground of the International Fair City in conjunction with Damascus International Fair at its 60th session under the patronage of Eng.

Emad khamees, Prime Minister and the organization of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, and in cooperation with the Syrian Inventors Association and Public Establishment for International Fairs & Exhibitions.

We are very proud of the creators and inventors who embodied their ideas on the ground, especially since most of these inventions came from our need to it in various fields of technology, medicine and intellectual, in the field of electricity, maintenance and others.

Every moment we embody a creative idea on the ground, we are making a real step towards a beautiful future for Syria; a future we dream of for our children and generations to come.

Syriatel is proud of the participants in the exhibition of Creativity and invention who translated the will of Syria during Al -Bassel exhibition; that will is the Sword of truth in which we will face obstacles, difficulties, and promises that it will remain the first and primary supporter to complete the journey of creativity.


Event Date:06-09-2018 to 15-09-2018Visits:710