The lyrical operetta – Tell me about my country

On this earth, there is something to live for like the hope for a better future sparkling in the eyes of Syrian children, and perhaps the theatrical national operetta “Tell me about my country" is a true embodiment of the ability of our children to clear the dust of war off their shoulders and move forward.

“Tell me about my country” gathers the expressive national word of the writer and poet Mahmoud Abdel Karim with the Syrian music of Taher Mamelli and the dances of Aram band with the distinctive voices of the children blended with the singer Sara Darwish voice.

The work directed theatrical by Orwa Alarabi and for TV by Oday Hamod, all of that makes great interaction atmosphere with the official presence, media and public that filled Dar al-Assad Theatre for Culture and Arts. Ministry of Information with Syriatel diamond sponsorship presented an operetta “Tell me about my country” carried between its lines a well-established force with prettier tomorrow and that children will draw the contours of peace in the future.

The children participating in the operetta (Jessica Gharbi – Ninar dla – Taj Kassam – Zain Ammar – Qame ghrz al-Din – Taha Mohsen – Tim Halabi – Ziad Amoonah – Iman Kassar – Abi al-fares) considered that the opportunity they were deprived of in Voice Kids program for the first and second seasons was offered by the operetta to achieve their ambition in easy way.

At the end of the operetta, and under the guidance of the Minister of Information and as a gift from children, a message of love were sent as a call to heal the first lady and everyone who has cancer through a song that translated the wish of every heart. Syriatel..

Syrian and Proud

Event Date:28-08-2018Visits:1242