Syriatel important participation in Syriatech

Reconstruction of all sectors; is an important stage in which our beloved country is taking its first and fundamental steps toward.

That’s why Syriatech Exhibition for Information and Communication Technologies, which was held at Damascus International Fairground  from 25 to 29 June and witnessed the participation of various local, Arab and international companies working in this field, is consider a good example of the hard effort and work to develop the technology and information sector.

Our leading telecoms company, which is constantly keeping up with the world's latest technology and information, has had an important participation in the exhibition, where we launched "Ya Hala 3la Kifak", which allows our customers to design their bundles which contain minutes, messages and SURF upon their request and we offered through our pavilion a special offers; Shabablink, iShow in addition to SUPER SUR offers “the fastest internet in Syria” which is very popular among different segments for its speed that is up to 150 MB/s.

The great turnout that our pavilion has experienced in Syriatech is a clear evidence of the importance of our services that satisfy our customers and provide them telecom requirements in full and complete way.

Syriatel.. Syrian and proud.

Event Date:25-06-2019 to 29-06-2019Visits:106