Syrian woman is the icon of patience

The special offer of Amina, which was presented by the National film organization and directed by Ayman Zidan, was held under the patronage of Syriatel on 17/01/2019 at cinema city in Damascus in the presence of a large group of artists, film critics, media and personalities from the community, and in the same place, the public show presented on 18/01.

The film starring Nadine Khoury with a participation of a selection of Syrian drama and film stars, including:

Joud Said, Hazem Zaidan, Qassem Malhou, Ramz Al Aswad, Najah Mukhtar, Lina Hawarneh and others.

The film symbolizes the steadfastness of the Syrian woman who became an icon for patience under the Syrian war against terrorism, where Amina, the mother, is facing a lot of troubles in a wounded homeland and striving to take care of her sick son and preserve her daughter who becomes in the spotlight of a powerful man.

This is how the creator Ayman Zidan was able to draw the Syrian woman in Amina character, not only that but with this character he was able to embody the Syrian mother who suffered in the years of war, but despite everything, steadfastness in the face of adversity remained the basis of the Syrian pulse that does not stop. Syriatel.. Syrian and proud.

Event Date:23-01-2019 to 30-04-2019Visits:895