Syrian Peace Marathon

On the occasion of World Peace Day, 21 September, most Syrian cities witnessed the Syrian Peace Marathon, where Syria celebrate the peace that heroes of the army fought for and gave the martyrs, assuring to the world that Syria with its people, army and a leader love and work for peace.

This initiative was by the General Sports Federation and Syriatel through an organization befitting Syria as a country of civilization and peace. The idea of the marathon came to Syriatel because keeping peace is more difficult than making it and the real victories are the victories for the sake of peace; that is why the Syrians participate, in all their social spectrum, in this huge event. Syriatel Friends participated from artists, media, athletes, politicians and other citizens of the country.

One of the participants was the journalist Hanaa Al Saleh at the forefront of the media along with the stars of Syrian Art: Salma al-Masri, Ali Sukkar, Khaled al-Qaish, Fatih Salman and Mohammed al-Satisfied, who opened the ceremony with a speech about peace, as well as members of the People's Assembly, Alan Baker and Tarif Godeaf, and sports basketball player Captain Omar Hasino.

Several Syrian cities took part in the marathon to end in Damascus, in front of Syriatel points of service in Mazzeh Highway, in conjunction with bicycle Marathon starting from the square opposite to Umayyad Mosque getting to Umayyad square, where artistic celebration with the singer Imad Rimal took place. Inspired by the occasion, the Peace pigeons and white balloons were launched into the air during the artistic ceremony to consecrate the peace goal for which the marathon was held.

Peace is the highest human values that start from the heart and is considered a human, political and legal requirement and it is the only way to move towards a better life and the remaining impact of our strength and will to achieve victory against terrorism, because the Syrians are advocates of peace

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