“Syria.. My Love” book is a witness of the eternal Syrian civilization within the 30th Book Fair.

The first spark of knowledge launched from Syria to the humanity, from Ras Shamra emerged the first alphabet, and because Syriatel is “Syrian and Proud”, it documented the Syrian heritage with a book entitled “Syria.. My Love” in an attempt to return a little part of this beautiful country’s favor to it and to identify its features and highlight its aesthetic beauty through unique photos taken by Dr. Hussein Soufan's Lens. “Syria.. My Love” book presents a civilized heritage work that carries in its pages the story of Syria love that blooms in its topography, its archaeological and civilizational monuments a constitute priceless natural treasures. You can review the book within the 30th Book Fair that was opened on 31 July 2018 under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad and at the invitation of Dr. Najah Al-Attar, Vice President of the Republic at the National Library of Al-Assad under the slogan "Society Reads ... Society Builds".

Syriatel.. Syrian and Proud

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