Supporting Sports and Syrian Athletes is a National Duty

On 02/08/2017 in Dunes Club - Mazzeh, Damascus, a press conference was held on the participation of the Syrian swimmer Feras Moualla in the 3km swim race of the FINA World Aquatics Championships in Hungary during the current month. The conference was sponsored by Syriatel and Pro Gym Moualla and covered by international and local media. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time the Champion Moualla participates in such championships, which is going to serve as an introduction for him to such external participations after a long absence.

The world swimmer Feras Moualla said in an interview in the conference: “I started the daily intense workouts two years ago in order to get ready for the World Aquatics Championships, and the workouts’ results were promising as my goal is to raise Syria’s flag high in the sky.” Moualla mentioned Syriatel’s sponsorship of the conference in the interview where he said: “Syriatel supported me in the swimming of Cyprus-Lattakia ten years ago, and it’s providing me with the same full support today! And having such national companies supporting sports and athletes on the material, moral and media levels is really great. Thank you Syriatel”.

Syriatel has always supported Syrian athletes starting from its belief in their ability to achieve success in the international events, since supporting sports and athletes is a national responsibility Syriatel proudly is committed to.

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