Shaghlni - Job Expo

In order to connect jobseekers with employers, and to provide employment opportunities for Syrian youth that would further qualify them to enter the job market, Shaghlni event was held at Sheraton Damascus Hotel on 3 & 4 March 2019 with Syriatel diamond sponsorship and Ninar FM media sponsorship, where several companies from different professional fields participated in this huge event that was a link between young cadres and participating companies like:

Manik man - Treview – Hamwi Cafe - Syrian Private University- Aljazira University - View Art -Disability is the start - Diwan Al Mohanna - Higher Institute of Business Administration - Sinalco - Majesty and many more.

A large number of Syrian youths from all the academic spectrum, or who are still studying, or who want to increase their experience and skills, attended the event accompanied by their CV.

This event is considered a valuable initiative to stimulate the Syrian economy especially that the investment of young energies is the key factor in the recovery process, and it is also the fastest and easiest way to provide jobs and thus achieving benefit to young cadres and companies.


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