Releasing the " Revolution Man " movie with a special display by Syriatel

By Syriatel sponsorship, the Revolution Man movie by the creative director Najdat Anzour and the production of the National Film Organization and Anzour Art Production Company, was released in Damascus Opera House on Friday 9/3/2018. “The Revolution Man” display the war on Syria from a new perspective, from the world of journalism, the search for fame, and receiving the international prizes by a foreign journalist who entered the country illegally, and doing everything to achieve a newspaper race even at the expense of the incent lives to achieve his dream. After failing to reach his goal, he resorts to helping the terrorists in fabricating chemical use and distorting the truth to reach his goal. In a press conference held after the opening, the creative director Najdat Anzour pointed out that “the timing of the screening was important as it coincides with the great preparations made by the West in order to put pressure on Syria after the terrorist groups had collapsed by the Syrian Arab Army. The film also deals with the facts on the ground that we tried to collect from many documents to be presented through an influential feature film in English. " As for the reason of using the English language, Anzour pointed out that it is easier to reach the western countries, especially as the film is directed to them, as we all in Syria know the volume of lies practiced by many media outlets against Syria through the years of war. Alaa Salamour, Head of media section at Syriatel, said "Syria has been subjected to a lot of disinformation and false allegations, and there are journalists who rose up after the exploitation of the war on Syria and the film is aimed at this aspect to deliver its message, stressing that the company supports high and sincere art and the elegant artistry Syrian work. Noting that: Revolution Man movie will be displayed massively from 10 March to 10 April through 3 daily screening.

Event Date:13-03-2018Visits:2315