Majd Arbasha from Syriatel family and one of the champion of Syrian sport

When Syrian flag is raised high in international events, pride shines in all the houses of the Syrians; the sons of this land who achieved great achievements representing the homeland, especially on the sport levels and one of these champions is Majd Arbasha; the member of Syriatel family and the title maker of Al Wehda Basketball Club.

He was named the team's top scorer at Dubai Corporate Championship in Al Wehda Club, and was named the best player of the national team in a match against China in this year's World Cup qualifiers in China.

He is one of the champions who have achieved many titles in various local and international championships.

Born and raised in Damascus 1990, graduated from IUST University -business management, and a member of Syriatel family, which always strive to reach the highest levels of quality, as its success is not limited to offers and services provided to the customers, but extends to sponsor and support all the Syrian in the important events at all levels to make achievements.

Our athlete has begun his senior club career playing for Al-Wehda Club until now playing matches with his team in local and international tournaments. In addition to playing with the national basketball team.

His achievement:

  • West Asia Championship in Jordan 2017 (winner of the title of best effectiveness and accurate shooting ratio) within the national team.
  • Malaysia 2016 (Top Scorer) in Al Wahda Club.
  • World Cup finals in New Zealand 2009 within the national team.
  • Asian Championship in Iran (third place) in the 2008 within the national team.
  • Arab School Championship in Jordan (first place) 2007 within the national team.
  • West Asian Championship in Yemen (second place) in the 2007 within the national team.
  • University Championship in Lebanon (best player and top scorer of the championship) within the "International University for Science and Technology” team for basketball.

Syriatel is proud of its sons and their successes, which added a milestone in various fields of Syrian creativity, and continues its strive to support them to achieve the best results.

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