In Joy We March

As Syrians, we used to be together in weal and woe..

As love and lovers have memory, the sea does, as the same as Ugarit- where the alphabet began – and the beach which witnessed the first mass wedding held by Syriatel in the 9th of October 2014 for the heroes of Syrian Arab army and martyrs families to be followed by the second wedding in Lattakia -bride of the sea- on the 5th of Aug 2015.

Because we are holding on to the culture of life, for the joy which fits Syria.. the third mass wedding was held on the 8th of Aug 2016.

Today and in less than a year from the last wedding, and after celebrating 340 young woman and men from the martyrs families of Syrian Arab army and its heroes, Syriatel is preparing the 4th mass wedding for 120 bride and groom from the heroes of National defence forces, the collocated forces for the Syrian Arab Army, the forces which contributed in establishing security in the Syrian cities and returning the families to their homes.

Syriatel will establish a two-days mass wedding celebration for 30 love stories in the Jasmine city “ Damascus “

Syriatel.. Proudly Syrian

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