Homs is shinning

To raise the slogan "Homs is shining", the Environment Development Foundation has been actively involved in the environmental activities under the patronage of Homs City Council and the diamond sponsorship of Syriatel Company. The activity included cleaning the streets and squares of Homs in addition to the public facilities to show the civilized nature of it, every Saturday from 12/5/2018 till the end of the year. The campaign was highly encouraged by the city's volunteers who wanted to participate as well along with The Nizak Association, the Martyr Foundation, the Syrian Candles Group, Kareem Charity Association, the Al ber Society and Social Services, the Hygiene Directorate, Homs City Council and many other popular organizations and activities in the city.

Syriatel.. Syrian and Proud

Event Date:12-05-2018 to 09-06-2018Visits:2406