Homs Grand Exhibition.. A Start to a new life cycle

Homs, the city of beauty and black stones, starts a new life cycle with Homs Grand Exhibition organized by Qamar company and under the patronage of Homs Governor Mr. Talal Al-Barazi, and with Syriatel diamond sponsorship in order to support the economy and national products, based on the  belief of the importance of exhibitions to offer the citizen good products with saving prices.

The exhibition was held between 2 and 6 February at Sport Hall, and included within its pavilions the most important food and chemical products of from the biggest companies, in addition to Ward & Ghar products, that were made by the hands of martyrs' families, to compete by its quality the most important food products, also a draw on one lira of gold took place in the exhibition.

Homs Grand Exhibition witnessed a remarkable presence, where it was an opportunity for the people of the province to obtain high quality products at reasonable and competitive prices.

Syriatel.. Syrian and Proud

Event Date:02-02-2019 to 06-02-2019Visits:1853