Graduation of 306 women in “Women’s Support “courses

The Syrian woman is spirit of life who raises generations from young men and women who are willing to sacrifice their life for the homeland. 

The Syrian woman is the mother, the sister, the wife and the daughter, who has successful and distinctive impact in the various areas in which she works in.

Syriatel Company and Martyr Trust Foundation celebrated the graduation of 306 ladies from “Women’s Support “courses on 15 & 16 & 17/07/2018 in Hama, Homs, and Lattakia within "Martyrs' Families are Our Responsibility" program starting from their believe in the role of the women and its reflection on building an interdependent and cohesive society because with their hands they weave hope and in their hearts they carry Syria for a better future.

Syriatel is proud in joining of more than 7500 family to “Martyrs’ Families Are Our Responsibility" program with its comprehensive initiatives (Employment and Internship, Monthly Stipend, Woman Support, Stock, Training and Skills Development, Ward & Ghar, Mass Wedding).

Event Date:15-07-2018 to 17-07-2018Visits:869