“Damascus - Aleppo” a Realistic Drama Comedy

In a style that touches human emotion and creates great sympathy with the characters of the film and the events in it, the creative director Basil Al-Khatib, who previously presented works of mass success such as the father, Mariam and Syrians, in cooperation with the author Taled al-Khatib find their way to the heart and mind of everyone who attended the special and public show for the film "Damascus -Aleppo " on 11 and 12 October at Cinema City.

The special screening of the film "Damascus - Aleppo " which was sponsored by Syriatel, and it considered the first cooperation of the professional actor Duraid Lahham, after years of absence from the big screen, with National Film Organization and the creative director Basil Al-Khatib, distinguished with the participation of a group of a large group of artists, critics and personalities from the community, as well as the stars of work led by the great artist Duraid Lahham, Salma al-Masri, Sabah al-Jazaire, kinda Hanna, Abdel Moneim Amairi, Alaa al Qasim, Shokran Murtaga, Nazli al-Rawas, Ruba al Halabi.

The film "Damascus - Aleppo" reflects the reality of Syrian society with all its contradictions and the changes that have occurred as a result of exceptional circumstances in black comedy style we live daily, and what made it the first option to be presented at the opening of the 34th session of the Alexandria International Film Festival on the third of October, and receive two award; Best Film and the Great Representation, obtained by the professional artist Duraid Lahham.

Syriatel.. Syrian and Proud


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