Entertainment Services

Shofi Movie

A new service for all kind of cinema movies lovers and iShow users.

Lottery on Your Mobile Phone

Great prizes await you with the monthly draws from Syriatel.

About Aleppo

Info about the attractions, customs, traditions, cuisine, famous characters in Aleppo and much more.

RBTs Bundles

From Ring Back Tone service .. more than one RBT with up to 30% saving.

Do It Yourself / DIY

This new feature from RBT Service enables the customer to record an RBT he performs himself (recording his own voice) to be allocated to his number only.

Shofi Mafi

Celebrities' latest news, gossips and secrets with Shofi Mafi service.

111 Services List

You can now activate and cancel most of Syriatel services at the touch of a button.

Ring back Tone Service

This service enables both 2G & 3G customers to replace the traditional ring tone with a customized one, it might be music or a song or even a joke.

RBT Service Center

With Syriatel now you can browse and select RBTs easily and fun.
RBT one key copy

RBT one key copy

Syriatel customers can copy the ringtones heard when calling any RBT service customer to be their own ringtone.