Customer Registration Process

Welcome to Syriatel website. We are very pleased to provide you with the best service, and we are very keen to achieve the best practice in Mobile Telecommunications. Please, read the below information before getting Syriatel SIM:

  • Reviewing The conditions of benefitting from Syriatel Services: In all of our deals, we are committed to the conditions and controlling disciplines which are issued by the regulating and legal associations aligned with all admitted organizing provisions. By reading those conditions, you agree on and commit to them.
  • Reviewing all accepted documents of identification and mechanism of purchase: we have a set of accepted and approved documents which were depended upon the regulating rules and according to Syriatel customers’ segments. And, mechanism of buying is completed via our 25 points of service which spread all over Syria, Syriatel “Boutique” and our sub dealers who are widely in all Syrian cities and regions.
  • Filling information form of benefitting from Syriatel services : when you get one of Syriatel products, you are going to fill the form of benefitting from Syriatel services.

Our customers’ satisfaction is a main priority in Syriatel. Thus, We are pleased to answer readily all inquiries via all communication channels. And for the purpose of achieving that, we periodically review the Complaints Management System, and all our employees are committed to this policy professionally.

To view our Procedures of Registering and Treating the Complaints of Syriatel Customers, please click here