Calls Services

Call Collect

Make calls and get the receiver to pay for them.

Reserve Credit Service

Reserve Credit service from Syriatel enables you to benefit from extra credit up to 40 SYP when you’re out of credit.


Block the unwanted incoming calls without switching off your mobile phone and missing your important calls when you subscribe to the Stop service.

Call Me Back Service

This service allows Syriatel postpaid customers whom their lines are into the soft suspension period

I Clip Service

With the I clip service you will not miss any call when your cell phone is switched off or when you can’t answer phone calls.
Friends & Family

Friends & Family

It enables postpaid customers to call 5 Syriatel cell phones GSMs in addition to two fixed lines with a slighter cost.

CLIR Service

It enables the customers of prepaid card, postpaid lines and from joker lines hiding or showing their cell phones GSM where it will appear as special number.

Voice Mail Service (VMS)

The voice mail service provides a mail box for the customers that keeps their voice messages that registered by the callers and they can listen to them later.

International Access

It enables Syriatel customers from using the international call.

Clip Service

This service enables the customers to know the incoming cell phone GSMs or the missed ones, those numbers will appear too.