• Services

    Immediate Itemized Bill

    This service enables Syriatel postpaid customers to get immediate itemized bill with stars from any Syriatel point of Service , for all dialed numbers along with the time , date and cost of the calls in addition to the cost of any added services.
  • Offers

    Recharging Offer for SURF Prepaid Cards

    Enjoy free credit every time you recharge your SURF prepaid card with SYP 300, SYP 600 or SYP 1200.
  • Products

    Electronic Easy One Prepaid Internet Vouchers

    EZ1 Electronic Vouchers Service is simply getting the EZ1 voucher via SMS direct to your mobile! Where any Syriatel customer can send an SMS to number 1818, to receive back the username & Password of the requested EZ1 category, within seconds.